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Get to know Bai Gali , the next big thing in the Golan Heights.

Bai Gali means “nature” in Mongolian. The Mongolian village was established by the residents of the moshav, farmers at heart, who took elements of the Mongolian way of life and added the Israeli comfort to it.The Mongolian village offers a unique and magical vacation experience, at an affordable price, for couples, families and groups. Bai Gali is 26 dunams and offers 23 yurts in a variety of accommodation options

On a hill in the south of the Golan Heights, in front of the mesmerizing scenery of the Sea of ​​Galilee, in the pastoral moshav Givat Yoav, Bai Gali Nature Accommodation – Mongolian villag – is located. In our village there are a variety of pampering and pleasant yurts for hosting families, groups, events and workshops. Throughout the village you can find edible fruit trees, shaded lawns, hammocks, Zoola seating area, a water park with splash fountains, a campfire, Poika and barbecues areas and fully equipped kitchens. Our complex is accessible and we work 365 days a year. 25 minutes drive from Hamat Geder, 10 minutes drive from Kinneret, 50 minutes drive from Hermon mountain. The routes, the wineries, the waterfalls, the springs, the attractions, the endless views – everything is within a small distance of the village and our guests can expect a fun, unique and exciting vacation. For the past three years we have been working every day to improve for our customers who have long since become family.

We are happy to host you and are available for any question or request.


Camp Yort

Camp Yort

In the camp yurt there are mattresses for groups and families Can accommodate up to 10 people.

קמפ יורט

בקמפ יורט לינת מזרנים לקבוצות או
יכול להכיל עד 10 נפשות.

Zimmer Yort

Zimmer Yort

The Zimmer Yurt is suitable for couples and families of up to 5 people.

צימר יורט

הצימר יורט מתאים לזוגות ולמשפחות
של עד 5 נפשות.

The big yurt - B.olgi

The big yurt - B.olgi

For conferences, small events, workshops or shared mattress accommodation - up to 35 people.

היורט הגדול - B.olgi

לכנסים, אירועים קטנים, סדנאות או לינת מזרונים משותפת - עד 35 נפשות.